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About Us

Best Seach Engine Optimization Service in the biz.  What sets the SeenSEO creative team apart?

SeenSEO is a leading US owned digital marketing agency with offices in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Orange County California, Manilla Philippines, Pakistan, India, Ecuador, Colombia, and Jakarta Indonesia.    We offer advanced SEO services per Google guidelines, lead generation at scale, sales automation, branding services, and digital development of websites and mobile apps.  What makes us unique in the industry is our Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing options.  Everything we have become known for; our tools, our success, our skills, our tech, it’s all available to you.  Our goal is the same for you whether we’re doing all of the work, some of the work, or none of the work and your just using our tools and training. 

Register for a FREE website audit and you’ll receive a plan that guarantees results quickly. The audit and the plan are free and if you choose Our SEO packages are very affordable, customized, and guaranteed to produce results. Investing in our advanced SEO services will take your business to the next level.

Achieving first page ranking for keywords that matter to our clients and getting their websites SEEN is only one of our specialties. 

Want to be on Page 1 of Google?

Sure you do!  Everyone does!  It’s difficult, and depending on which niche and the area you are in it can be virtually impossible to acheive a number ONE Rank.  That said,  our team of Google certified SEO experts will help you to optimize your website, improve online presence,  and generate more visitors so you can get more leads and sales for your business.

Your success is our goal.

Your success is our goal but no one can guarantee success, not even us.  In fact, if you find a company that gives you a guarantee of success, RUN.  Our SEO and digital marketing services offer huge value to our clients.  American Suzuki, Yamaha, Universal Vivendi, Keller Williams, Century 21, ReMax, Disney, Commerce Home Mortgage, Coldwell Banker, and many others assures you that we are they right company to help you grow yours.

What is White Hat / Black Hat SEO?

Our SEO professionals use “white hat” techniques and work tirelessly to rank your website at the top of the search engine rankings, make sure they stay there, and insure they don’t invite a penalty by Google. SEO is a moving target and Google’s algorithms seem to change daily so unless your website is up to date, following the latest rules and changes, your website rankings could be suffering.   Black Hat SEO practices are techniques used to fool the Google algorithm.  Much of the time, these techniques are in large part the reason Google does updates, to close these Trap-doors.  Black Hat SEO leads to very short term gains that when caught by Google lead to ranking penalties that can last a significant amount of time.  

More than just the best SEO...

We’re a team of very creative digital Enthusiast (err.. nerds), dedicated to creating online solutions that drive huge value to clients’ businesses and help move the needle of revenue growth by marrying creative marketing concepts with technologies that drive consumer engagement and lead generation. We offer everything from self serve and guided technology options all the way to full creative and development services.

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Our philosophy

Excellence and Value is our Top Priority. We believe every task should not only show how tech can move the processes forward but we believe strongly in attaining goals that can improve our Client Bottom-Line. As Technology evangelists, we strive to create technology that automates time consuming marketing tasks and replaces them with automated processes that deliver better results.