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We help you generate more leads & sales for your business with Facebook Messenger Funnel Bots.  You’ll enjoy higher engagment and better conversion rates through micro commitment social engagements with your prospective customers. 

Reduced Workload –  BOOST Business ROI – Increase User Interaction with Chatbots

Messenger Bots are Revolutionizing Business

We’ll help you leverage this technology instantly. No more waiting for call backs!

Messenger Bots provide a more advanced method of engaging with customers and prospects that produce more meaningful conversations.

Wrapping your head around messenger bots & how they work may be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with them but, we’re about to help.

We are in The Messenger Bot Era!

And it’s so true….

Facebook continues to weaken post engagement rates and email marketing delivery rates not being what they used to be, Messenger Chatbots are influencing business more than any other marketing tool or medium at the moment by combining the power of social media and Email marketing in ONE Platform.

Amazingly, there are more people using messenger Apps than there are on social networks, and of course, where the people are is where businesses will go.

The Statistics Speak for Itself

With 1.3 BILLION monthly user, Facebook Messenger is the 2nd most popular iOS app of all time, right behind Facebook.

54% of Consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact.

57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity and access to information.

45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email.

Messenger Chatbots result in an 84% Conversation Rate!
Say good-bye to endless calling with no one answering

People use and prefer chat

With Over 1.3 Billion Users on Facebook Messenger alone! Customers Prefer Using Messenger.

Customers love to talk & Facebook messenger presents that opportunity for them to interact with the businesses they love.

And better yet, your future customers are equally on messenger.

Being the most downloaded app,with over 1.3 billion users, messenger is where your customers are.

We Can Help you Connect with your
Customers & Generate Sales Instantly with Facebook Ads

With organic Facebook post reach in a seemingly unending downward spiral, posts just aren’t as impactful as they once were. Prompting some VERY FAMOUS marketing industry Guru’s to suggest businesses need to post 50-100 times per day!  (Thank you Gary V.)

What’s more is that there’s huge competition for Facebook’s news feed. Making your content visible to your audience is a challenge already and now you “need to post 100 times per day” to reach your audience?

Who’s got time for that!?!   No one, that’s who.

Messenger Chatbots however, offer a better avenue for your business to connect with customers & even make more sales.

Customer Retention helps acquisition

Customer Acquisition & Retention is Easier with Chatbots because businesses are able to communicate with new prospects & support existing customers so much better and faster.

Having good customer support is one of the most powerful strategies to retain customers & generate positive reviews which in turn helps you acquire new customers.  Case studies indicate that Chatbot usage in conjuction with strong customer support can show 7-9% untick in customer retention and as much as a 12% increase customer referrals.

Customers and prospects alike don’t just want to chat with their choice brands, they want their problems solved and they want them solved right NOW. This is why instantaneous customer engagement is so very important.

Channel sequence funneling

Messenger Chatbots can be complex to develop and set up but we do all the heavy lifting.  We create conversational flows & sequences (or drip campaigns) that engage and communicate with your customers or potential customers on your website and on Facebook using the Facebook Messenger platform.

Imagine, Engaging with your customers and prospects on auto-pilot through our Chatbot systems. Answering their questions and providing them individualized information before you even speak with them.

We help businesses grow by leveraging Messenger Chatbots and using consumer micro-commitments to get your customers
and prospects personally invested in the conversation.

We build Facebook Messenger Funnel Bots

Our team of chatbots specialist create engaging sequences that compel consumer engagement. This technique of communicating through micro-commitments increases the CONVERSATION RATE of a campaign by sometimes as much as 10X!

Customers love to get instantaneous response when they come to your Facebook page or website and answer questions relevant to their interests. These Chatbots integrate conversational flows & sequences to engage with your customers in real time and when paired with our Facebook advertising program, the results can be nothing short of fantastic. 

Follow up with contacts is handled auto-magically with dozens of different sequenced drip campaigns.

By tying together our Messenger Bot Funnels and the power of our advanced targeting Facebook Advertising Campaigns we regularly help our clients exceed their normal conversion returns by 30-40%. In Real Estate and Mortgage applications the number of significant conversations with customers and prospects increases sometimes as much as 10X!

No more DEAD Leads that never answer the phone.