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The first step in your journey to launching your very own interactive virtual tour.

Follow our simple, multi-stepped, Virtual Studio tutorial Module will teach you how to install, launch, use, and master the Google Streetview 360 app.

Virtual Studio tutorials further below.

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Watch Me First

Welcome to the Virtual Studio by SeenSEO.  Below you will see 4 big blue buttones.  Each will take you to different training modules.    

Google Streetview 360 Tutorial


Step 1 - Download App

Shooting 360 degree photos with a smartphone is easy. Whether you own an Android or an iOS device, you will need to  download the Google Street View app to use the SeenSEO Virtual Studio.  Click the links below to download the app.

 Google Play Store

 Apple App Store

The process is almost the same on both operating systems


Step 2 - Install

Install the app and pick an interesting spot to try it.  After a few screens with tips and welcome messages, you’ll arrive at the homepage of the app.  Click on the “Camera” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to start.  A contextual menu will appear.

Choose “Camera”

SeenSEO Street View Launch Example Image


Step 3 - Take Pictures

After selecting “Camera,” you’ll be taken to the camera screen. The app will guide you through the capture process – essentially, the user has to stand still , hold the device in the right position, point the camera at the dot, and hit all orange circles appearing on the screen.  When you “capture” the orange dot inside the white circle, your camera will automatically take the picture.

Steetview Orange Dots

See the Video on the next screen.

Step 4

Watch the full demo video done by Donna Jean of Tech Angel to see an example of how to take 360 photos.



Step 5 - Hold Steady

For best results hold your phone close and hold steady when you’re prompted to take the photos by the ORANGE dots.

SeenSEO Street View App Step 1


Step 6 - Stitching

At this point, the app has already begun “stitching” all of the images together to create a 360 degree panorama. The progress is indicated by an orange loading bar at the bottom of the screen.

As soon as the process is completed, the app will notify you by indicating that your 360 photo is “ready to publish.”

Streetview Ready to Publish 1


Step 7 - Publish

The images are now stitched together into one 360 image. While you are able to preview the raw version of the image in both Android and iOS devices, there are some differences in how you access them.

Android and iOS users will need to:

  • Press the “private tab”
  • Click on your image and press the “share icon”
  • Then choose “share privately”.
  • Once you’ve done this you can then save the image or send it using your Gmail app…

Alternatively, you can upload the images to your Google drive. This will allow for quick transfer and faster access from your desktop computer.

See the next few screens for examples and follow along as we discuss this a bit further.


Apple iOS Device Demo

Android Device Demo


Step 8 - Transfer

Now you can access the raw 360 image on your smartphone but what next ?

From your smartphone you can :

  • Upload your image to the SeenSEO Virtual Studio App directly. Though this is possible, 360 files are large and it’s much easier to accomplish this from a lap/desktop computer.
  • Send images by email, and download it to your lap/desktop, then upload it to the Virtual Studio App.  This is a very good approach).
  • Download the Google Drive app, upload the images from your phone to your Google Drive, then upload the images from your Google Drive to the  Virtual Studio App once you’ve arrived at your lap/desktop. (This is a great option for those processing large volumes of 360 images).


Step - Optional

Click the buttons below to download the appropriate Google Drive App.


Step 9 - Practice

As with anything new, you’ll see that it requires a bit of practice to make a good 360 image with the Google Streetview app.  While there are a number of 360 cameras on the market that make this process easier, we created the Virtual Studio app to operate within and optimize the features and technology of that $1,000 smart phone you already have in your pocket.

The most common “mistake” people make is not holding still when capturing an image when prompted by the orange dot. Be patient though, after 2-3 attempts, you will come out with a good one. Then it’ll be easy.

Try making 360 panoramas in open areas, while you can definitely do this indoors, the further away objects are, the easier the stitching will be. Once you do this once or twice, move indoors. It’ll be easier.

Good Luck and Happy Virtual Touring!

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